My name is Chelsea Marie. Thank you for taking the time to check out my one of a kind – hand crafted website! A website made to showcase my extensive marketing and customer service background, and modeling.

Miss Chels ~ Not your traditional modeling neuroscientist!

If such a thing exists. I’m a faux blonde standing an impressive 5 ft 3 inches with a poor Hispanic accent (I studied Spanish for about 6 years). I have more charisma than you will know what to do with and will keep you laughing and smiling! Here’s some more fun Chelsea facts:

I’ve been CPR certified for over 10 years.

I’ve been bit by 3 dogs!

I’m terrified of heights.

I can shake my eyes.

I’ve successfully completed a 16 miles Spartan race.

The day I moved to Utah was the first day I’d been in the state!

I’ve visited 8 countries and 44 states.

I’m a twin.

I’ve been bit by a venomous spider (and no I don’t have super powers – darn).

I love fishing.


The reason why I’m grateful – I am grateful for all of the amazingly crazing experiences I have had all over the world; for the thousands upon thousands of people I have encountered – some at their most personal moments; and mostly, for the beautiful generosity mankind has shown me when I needed it most. These, alongside many growth opportunities encompasses my core. Tony Robbins (awesome guy, go read his books & listen to his videos!) says it best:

“It’s not the events of our lives that shape us, but our beliefs as to what those events mean.” – Tony Robbins Awaken The Giant Within How to Take Immediate Control of Your Mental, Emotional, Physical, and Financial Destiny!

BillyDPhotography December 2012

Tip #1: Bad days/moods are like seasons. They come and go. Do some self care (Verb: An action that creates happiness without causing stress) to survive the bad day blues! I put on slippers at my desk or get my favorite drink at lunch!

I had no idea what I wanted to do with this website when I first purchased the domain. Eventually when it came time to make my 2021 swimsuit calendar, something I’ve been planning to do for over a year, it dawned on me. I already had all the content I needed – I had been working on it for 15 years! My modeling career goes back to 2005. Ready to hear about it? Here we go!

My first “gig” was a fashion show with my twin sister at a place called Fashion Bug. We didn’t get paid, but we were compensated with a store discount. My next “big break” came my senior year of high school. I was able to model in two different prom dresses advertising a prom dress store and a photographer! I really enjoyed the experience because I was able to learn a little about working with photographers, wardrobe, hair and makeup. That same year I was also used as a brand ambassador for a local photographer to advertise for their senior pictures! I culminated my high school endeavors by graduating salutatorian from Waynesville High School in 2013.

Jody Ball Photography

College Modeling Contracts

West Coast Chill

A golf event I worked for West Coast Chill

Leander Boutique



Arnold Classic

Go Bucks! OH – IO

Tip #2: Nothing that comes easy is worth a dime. – Woody Hayes

I attended The Ohio State University in Columbus, Ohio from Fall 2013 to Spring 2017. I graduated with an honors distinction in Behavioral and Systems Neuroscience. Some of my accomplishments during my time at OSU include serving 3 semesters in a molecular genetics research lab on a gene mapping project. Being a member of the Columbus Blue Jackets Pepsi Power Patrol for the 2014-2015 season. Serving as the lead marketing manager and brand ambassador for a Columbus based injury law firm with over 75 motorcycle bike night themed events across 3 counties serving up to 1,000 people per night! I worked for several freelance companies including: Involve Media, Gildan, Speedway, LifeTime Fitness, Flickinger Legal Group, Northtowne Chiropractic, West Coast Chill, Holloway Sportswear, Leander, PoshMark, and AAA National Baseball.

OSU shoot in celebration of being accepted into the university! BillyDPhotography
Left – Chelsea working a Columbus Blue Jackets Game
I loved working for the Columbus Blue Jackets and getting to interact with their fans!

The first photoshoot I ever did – and it was in a cornfield! BillyDPhotography

Espirit de She – The girls night out!

I had the pleasure of working several Esprit de She races through Involve Media across the country! If you haven’t heard, these races are for women to run, have girl time, and celebrate together fitness, friendship and health! I worked in several locations such as Houston, Tx, Columbus, Oh, and Charlotte, Nc,.

More fun college experiences. Like the time I was in a movie – Ha but really . . .

The movie’s called “I Am Wrath” and stars John Travolta (who was very nice in person btw). We weren’t allowed any phones but here’s the scoop. I showed up at approximately 6:00 PM. It was me, 2 females, and 2 males. We were told to wait. We would be used much later in the evening. Fast forward to about 2:00 AM, the “hookers” (as they were cast, but still hysterical) showed up and the show began! We headed out to the back-alley streets and were told our parts. We would hear fake gun shots and would run away from main door very afraid, but silent. A bouncer would approach me and my now best friend, Ashley (apparently, that’s what happens when you sit together at a table for 8 hours with no cell phones) and escort us to safety. That’s when John Travolta would bust out of the door, fleeing from the bad guys. The best part about the whole filming experience was that the first thing Ashley told me when I met her was she could hardly walk in her heels. We had been cast as Hot Girl 1 and Hot Girl 2, so you can imagine the wholesomeness of our outfits. Having to run as our one and only job became comical. She bounded down the sidewalk at the wee hours of the morning like a baby giraffe severely inebriated. Absolutely a fun and hysterical experience!

You can see the scene I am in at 1:26 unfortunately it’s not complete

Leander Boutique

Leander Boutique is an Affordable Womenswear Apparel and Accessories Boutique in Olde Downtown Canal Winchester, Ohio. I love this shop for so many reasons. First, the owner is an angel sweetheart! Her name is Amanda and I had the pleasure of working with her at Hertz Rental car in Columbus, Ohio. She was my manager over the course of two years and taught me so much about running a business and how to be a good employee and manager. Amanda has also been a huge supporter of my modeling, having allowed me to partake in several different photoshoots and modeling opportunities for her store. We did a “Dog Mom” photoshoot, which of course made me over the moon with joy. We also did several different fashion shoots for her website! Of course, I can’t forget, her clothes and jewelry are to die for!! At any point I could spent hundreds of dollars in her store – it is literally the cutest! She can also help with styling questions and fitting issues. Amanda and her shop are absolutely one of a kind and I highly suggest you check them out! You will not be disappointed!

Tip #3: Don’t sweat the road ahead, smile at the road behind you.

Jaimi Koester Photography
Jaimi Koester Photography

Leander Boutique

Tip #5: Fake it till you make it, really! Confidence is key in every situation! Interviewing is just a game of figuring out what the other party wants and customizing your background to fit within that lens! Remember – they want to hire someone just as badly as you want a job!

Luke Rockhold and Speedway

Who doesn’t want to accidentally be in a commercial!? I had booked a gig working for Speedway promoting Bud Light. While working the event, the girls and I were approached about being in a commercial. I have attached the commercial here for you, it’s hysterical! These are the moments I’m most grateful for. The adventurous, spur of the moment silly funny memories that make life worth living!

Yup. I’m that crazy dog mom. I have done three separate photoshoots with my pup. Meet Tibby. She is a pure bread long hair chihuahua. Tibby is a world traveler, having driven across the country passing through 5 states to get to her new home! She has also gone swimming in Lake Tahoe, California! Tibby loves belly rubs and cuddles and playing with her feline brother from another mother Jax.

Tibby Marie & Jaxy

Jax as a kitten and then as an adult

After college, I wanted to do a fitness photoshoot ’cause who doesn’t need a little motivation every once and awhile right? I have always worked out. I consider myself lucky. My parents put me in swimming at a very young age, so I grew up athletic. That still doesn’t mean I have my days where working out is hard, both mentally and physically. 2020 has actually been very rough in the fitness department because I sustained a very traumatic injury to my left shoulder and hand. However, I’m back at it! Asking for support where I need it and relying on my own self-discipline. One thing that has really changed my workout journey has been this piece of advice: find a way to enjoy it! Say “I love that my body CAN run” or “I want to use my body!” We owe it to ourselves and others to be happy. Healthy people are happy people! Email me today if you need support finding your happy and healthy lifestyle!

Some of my other adventures that have not directly included modeling are working for Delta Airlines as a flight attendant. I absolutely loved flying and enjoyed going to all the islands of Hawaii, as well as partaking in the opening day of Oktoberfest in Munich, Germany! I went through a very lengthy interview process where I had to pass not only a video interview, phone interview, but also an in-person interview that lasted over 5 hours!


The Strength to Face the Day

The dawning of a new day
A new day has come my way
Full of joy or sorrow
I know I can not say
But whatever be the challenge
I know that if I pray
I'll have the power that I need
and The Strength To Face The Day

No one knows what a day will bring
It may be sunshine or it could be rain
But whatever be the problem
Whatever be the pain
If I sing and if I pray
My Master will give me courage
And The Strength To Face The Day

So my friend you too by Grace
Have a brand new day
Filled with  joy or sorrow and
Hope for a brighter day
If you start out singing
And never cease to pray
Almighty God will give you
The Strength to Face The Day. 

By Charles E Garrison of New Orleans 
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