September 23rd, 2020 Side Hustles

To start off, I absolutely love my life to be busy. This isn’t everyone’s preference. So take what I’m about to say with the perspective of someone who is always chasing the next thing! One of the best pieces of advice that has ever been given to me applies heavily in this discussion.

“It isn’t about good or bad, merely what works for YOU.”

Working several jobs works for me and my lifestyle/goals. That said, let’s begin.

1. Yes they are real. The app that promises to make you money – some are fake, maybe most, but I can tell you a few that are legit. EX) Fetch rewards. It’s an app that allows you to scan receipts for points. These points are redeemed in gift cards or can be donated. Receipts from grocery stores or similar are eligible. I personally scanned everything just to see if it would earn me points. I suggest doing that until you learn what you buy that is eligible for credit. Currently I have a $10.00 gift card to hundreds of places like Sephora, best buy, and American Cancer Society and I started less than 6 months ago.

EX)VIPKID: I will do a blog just on VIPKid, but the gist is a teaching platform used between Beijing students and American teachers. Teachers pass several requirements and certifications to then teach the students ESL (English as a Second Language). My first month teaching I made around $200.00. Now that the kids are back in school its dropped to about $100.00. I am not interactive with the app at all. I do the minimum. This could absolutely be a full time job!

Use my referral code to sign up! CODE FBD6Y

2. Like it? There’s a way to sell it – if you want. Etsy, Poshmark, Facebook Market & Groups, Ebay, Amazon. Make a website (Weebly or WordPress are my preferences), order some business cards (tons of options, I prefer FedEx), and start telling people! Update content frequently and know your niche!

3. Social Media Manager – anyone can do this now a days! Find virtual positions on sites like LinkedIn, Indeed, and Monster. Set your posts to be timed and it will be even less work. Again, know your niche. Make your own content (I like to use editing apps). And have fun! It’s social media, you can do it in your sleep!

4. Not for the faint of heart… donating plasma! Seriously its easy, good money, and doesn’t take too long. It does have health risks so please consider this with all aspects fairly assessed. If you choose to donate, consider BioLife Plasma. They pay the same no matter how much you donate and have specials all the time to make more money!

5. GigPig is a modeling/acting app where you take videos of yourself promoting a product. Usually there is a script you must follow verbatim. This is another app where there is a bit of an application process but when you do it, it will pay out! I made over $500 one month with several different promotions, including Walmart. COVID has unfortunately taken a toll on this industry and work has been slow.

6. My absolute favorite…Rover! A dog sitting app – literally. There are different types of services you can offer such as dog walking, house sitting, or drop in visits of different lengths. This could absolutely be a full time job, however COVID has really taken a toll on this as you can imagine.

I could go on and on, however I will leave you with this – meet everyone you can and stay open to opportunities. Saying yes might change your life!


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