October 5th, 2020 The New College Experience

I started my college career at The Ohio State University in Columbus, Ohio in 2013. My first year I roomed with three other females and shared one bathroom (yikes!). Somehow we made it through the year, but it wasn’t drama free. Living with strangers is hard. Especially when you live on top of each other!!Continue reading “October 5th, 2020 The New College Experience”

September 9th, 2020 How to Ace Your Interview

Remember it’s an interview, not an interrogation. An interview that flows like a conversation is a successful interview! When I am asked a question, I first take a deep breath. Then begin my answer. The deep breath gives me those few seconds to collect myself, tame any anxiety or nerves, and answer confidently. STAR MethodContinue reading “September 9th, 2020 How to Ace Your Interview”

September 23rd, 2020 Side Hustles

To start off, I absolutely love my life to be busy. This isn’t everyone’s preference. So take what I’m about to say with the perspective of someone who is always chasing the next thing! One of the best pieces of advice that has ever been given to me applies heavily in this discussion. “It isn’tContinue reading “September 23rd, 2020 Side Hustles”

Sept 14th, 2020 The Social Dilemma

I’ll begin this letter to you all with a call to action. I would love open and honest feedback about my blog posts. I welcome your opinions and thoughts, so please share them! Together we can grow and learn how to be the best versions of our self. My academic background is in Neuroscience, specificallyContinue reading “Sept 14th, 2020 The Social Dilemma”

The Official 2021 Miss Chels Bikini Calendar

Order your custom 2021 Miss Chels bikini calendar today!!$25 hand signed, shipped freeOrder ⬇️Themisschels.com“Merchandise” Please consider purchasing a unique calendar, from a hardworking, independently managed owner with a kind artistic flare! 2021 will be a year to remember – let’s start it off right! Of note: no nudity in the photos. Makes a great giftContinue reading “The Official 2021 Miss Chels Bikini Calendar”